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Sin Yew Lai supplies animal products from cages and other accessories at competitive wholesale prices. As a reputable pet products supplier in Malaysia, we understand the importance of finding the right cages that will help keep birds comfortable, healthy and happy. Sin Yew Lai provides bird cages from the most respected manufacturers. Our customers buy in bulk and have consistently trusted us to fulfil their orders throughout the year.

For bird owners, the type of cage they choose should depend on a number of factors. It is very important that the cage is significantly sized, with utmost safety and comfort for your bird. The cage should promote the bird’s natural instincts such as climbing or flying.  Emerging innovative bird cages have enhanced features and accessories that make cage maintenance easier. Ultimately, this allows owners to spend more time with their birds.

Experienced bird owners will agree that having a cage that is too small for your bird limits movements, stretching of wings, and leads to minimal if any play inside the cage. It goes without saying that it is cruel to confine a large bird in a tiny cage. There is no cage that is too large for your bird, as long as the cage bars are properly spaced. We recommend that the spacing between the bars are narrow enough to eliminate injury in case the bird tries to escape. The design of the bird cage should be such that the bird’s head does not fit between the bars.

Working with Sin Yew Lai means working with a brand that has been around for years. We know all the ins and outs of bird cages, thus offering unmatched customer support. Our products are available in varying colors and designs to suit different aesthetic needs. Sin Yew Lai also supplies cage accessories that are compatible with a comprehensive range of cages. The accessories include Trays, springs, handles, clips, and stands, among others. It is worth noting that a quality bird cage should last you and your bird for many years. The iron and stainless steel cages from Sin Yew Lai feature a welded bar design, industrial strength screw-in casters for easy moving.

Our enviable customer base has consistently trusted us to provide an unrivalled selection of cages. The delivery team comes in handy to ensure that customers receive the right quantities in spite of the number of orders. Our professionals have a rich experience in inventory management and customer service.

Looking for the best selection of cages at the best prices? You are in the right place! We provide prompt delivery on all of our cages across Malaysia. Shipping of bulk orders can be arranged for customers in neighboring countries. Contact us today for a customized package.

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