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Sin Yew Lai is a major player in the bird food and bird seed supply industry in Malaysia. As reputable bird food suppliers, we supply only the finest quality products. Our clients can choose from a vast range of premium products and nutritious bird food. Providing high-quality nutrition and food is critical for the birds to thrive and be healthy.

It is critical that bird food manufacturers focus on the food’s nutritional value. Like all pets, birds require a balanced diet for their health and proper growth. Without proper nutrition, their bones will be weaker, besides their feathers being dull and less colourful. Also, harmful ailments could develop over time. Therefore, Sin Yew Lai sources the bird foods from reputable manufacturers. The company takes pride in providing value for the clients with regards to unmatched bird food supplies.

Sin Yew Lai has a comprehensive range of bird food to suit varying customer needs. For bird owners, choosing the type of bird food is influenced by factors such as climate and the seasons. For example, birds need to feed young chicks during the breeding seasons. Sin Yew Lai offers food high in proteins that are highly beneficial, especially for the young chicks.

Adult birds tend to feed their chicks before themselves. Therefore, it is important to have an abundant supply of bird food for both the adults and young offspring. Sin Yew Lai supplies high-quality Sunflower seeds that are always a great choice for different types of birds. The bird food has high levels of oil and thus offers an immediate impact of energy. Sunflower seeds are a favourite for many bird owners in their food mixes. They are an inexpensive way of providing high-energy bird food to garden birds, besides being nutritious and highly desirable to a variety of bird species.

It is critical that the food offered to birds is of utmost quality and cleanliness. Consequently, the bird food is more palatable. It’s worth noting that just like human beings, birds care about the taste of their food. Therefore, supplying fresh bird food is very important. Truth is, birds won’t enjoy food that has been on a shelf, in a bag or left in a feeder for months.

At Sin Yew Lai, we take pride in supplying food with high-quality ingredients. When it comes to bird seeds, customers should choose cereal grains and high oil seeds with the right ingredients to make the birds thrive. Sin Yew Lai is committed to providing our clients with the best possible products to an ever growing industry. Besides the extensive bird food range, Sin Yew Lai has all your pet food needs covered too. The company and its staff continue to be passionate about being the supplier of choice for bird food customers looking to make bulk purchases of a full range of products. Contact us today for more information regarding our product and services.

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