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Sin Yew Lai is a one-stop pet shop that offers bulk pet supplies at wholesale prices. The company has been providing a wide range of clients with quality pet products since 1990. Many clients have consistently chosen Sin Yew Lai as their shop of choice when making bulk cat cage purchases. This can mainly be attributed to the affordability, durability, and reliability of our products.

It’s worth noting that cats are in general peaceful animals. However, a cage is sometimes required for easy travel. Also, some cats may not be old enough to safely roam outside. And this is where cat cages come in. It is highly recommended that cats are confined to owner’s property preferably at all times. This protects the cat’s welfare, reducing the chances of accidents or fights with other cats.

Confinement of cats in cages also minimizes contracting of diseases from other cats, besides protection from theft, positions or trapping. For some cat owners, confinement is a good solution to reduce predation by wild cats. Truth is, cats can be easily confined in a suitable cage without a risk to their welfare, as long as their fundamental needs are met.

Sin Yew Lai supplies an unrivaled selection of cages designed specifically for cat use. The cat cages are available in a wide range of designs, shapes, and sizes, and are made of high quality and sturdy materials. This ensures that pet cats are safely contained in a convenient manner.

Our cat cages are sourced from reputable manufacturers. We ensure that they are built to the highest standards. The quality materials used in the manufacture of every cage makes them long-lasting by creating a well built and durable product. It is critical that cat cages allow for easy cleaning and sanitizing.  Sin Yew Lai takes pride in supplying cat cages that provide long-lived performance for the final customers.

Cage cleaning done right is certainly healthier for cats. Spot cleaning is suitable in case the cage is not heavily soiled. However, in case of heavy soiling, then a thorough cleaning with soap and water is required. Frequent disinfection is also necessary for the safety of cats and their owners.

When you purchase our cages, it is our desire that you get utmost value for your investment. The cages have a proven performance and provide years of long-lasting usage-all at competitive wholesale prices. We have a variety of sizes to meet your requirements. Get unmatched bargains for cat cages and other pet supplies at Sin Yew Lai today.

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