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Cats have a profound sense of cleanliness. It’s worth noting that most cats live indoors. Having the right accessories will ensure that your pet cat’s potty time is properly taken care of. This is where Sin Yew Lai comes in. The company has a comprehensive range of cat toilet units and related accessories available for bulk purchases.

Instant clumping is critical when it comes to cat litters. Suitable products should provide easy clumps and scooping. For the ultimate comfort of the cats, clumps should not stick to the cat litter tray. With high-quality cat litter from Sin Yew Lai, it is easy to scoop and keep cat toilet clean and fresh. Cat toilets do not have to be smelly.

Innovations in the industry have led to better odor control. Emerging cat litters naturally eliminate bad urine odor through locking them inside. As experienced cat litter suppliers, Sin Yew Lai offers cat litters with unmatched moisture lock. Such litters have a unique composition formula and special granulation, thus absorbing impressive amounts of moisture. This is essential for cat owners, as it saves both money and time.

Countless cat litters are available in the market, some with possible drawbacks for both cats and their owners. Highly reliable cat litters have been developed through enhancing all fundamental aspects of making them comfortable in using and effective in functioning. Low dust levels in our cat litter help avoid eyes and respiratory tract irritation. This ensures that both you and your cat stay healthy and safe from respiratory problems.

Sin Yew Lai is committed to ensuring the safety of pets through upholding the use of natural materials. Our clients have consistently trusted us to deliver quality and safe cat litters. It is critical that no toxic or chemical additives are used during the manufacturing process. Such additives can affect the health of both humans and their cats.

Untidy litter boxes are one of the common causes of defecation issues in cats. Keeping the litter box clean not only provides cats with a clean place to use but also eliminates house-soiling problems. Additionally, clean litter boxes help prevent your cats from refraining from urination.

More often than not, cats which have not been given a place to defecate tend to have intentional urinary retention. Sin Yew Lai supplies cat litters that are aimed at ensuring utmost litter tray hygiene. Among other benefits, this reduces the risk of cats developing urinary tract infections. It is highly recommended that litter trays are disinfected regularly to remove odors. This is done using hot water and a detergent.

Looking for a reputable cat litter supplier for bulk purchases at competitive prices? Sin Yew Lai is your company of choice for unmatched pet products. Contact us today for more information regarding our latest products and services.

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