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Even though cat scratchers may not seem like an essential cat accessory at first, it is an indispensable item for cat owners. Inappropriate scratching is a primary complaint among many cat owners. While it may be inappropriate from the owner’s perspective, the cats are just doing what comes naturally to them. Sin Yew Lai supplies topnotch cat scratchers that are helpful in keeping cat claws in tiptop condition.

Truth is, choosing the best cat scratcher can be a daunting and frustrating task. Many people end up buying the wrong cat posts that your cat virtually ignores and won’t be willing to scratch. Consequently, the cat matches to his favorite couch, scratching it to the annoyance of owners. When purchasing cat scratchers, it is critical that you choose the ones that appeal to the cats as opposed to the humans. Choosing a scratcher from your cat’s point of view is thus very important in order to avoid buying a product that your cats will loathe. Having a little knowledge goes a long way in finding the most suitable scratcher for your cat.

Sin Yew Lai recommends having scratchers that are tall enough to allow the cat to fully extend and stretch.  Cats are really good at stretching their bodies and pulling back their shoulder muscles.  Sin Yew Lai supplies high-quality scratchers that are essential for flexibility and health. Experts advise that if cats have to crouch down during scratching, they won’t achieve the full benefits of exercising and stretching their muscles. Having the wrong scratchers may even be uncomfortable for cats.

Sin Yew Lai supplies cat scratchers made from the safe and long-lasting materials. Our goal is to achieve utmost satisfaction for both our clients and the cats. When looking at cat scratchers, many shoppers admit to being confused by a myriad of materials available in the market. It is important not to make the mistake of choosing materials that are attractive to humans rather than cats. At the end of the day, most of the cat scratcher sit unused. Simply put, the cats aren’t impressed by what is attractive to us humans.

Sin Yew Lai recommends sturdy materials that shred under cat’s claws. According to studies; it is their nature to mark their territory with shredding marks. Shredding is fun and satisfying to cats, especially when a loud noise accompanies the scratching. For cat owners, it’s critical to choose a scratcher with a material that is different from your furniture that you want your cat to stop scratching. Obviously, your cat won’t grasp why it’s okay to scratch the scratcher but not its favorite couch made from the same material.

Ultimately, it’s so much easier to buy cat scratchers that your cats will love when you put yourself in their paws and understand their desires.  It is advisable to put duplicates of scratchers in different rooms. Consequently, the cats will play with the scratchers instead if your stuff. Also, scratchers should be placed in prominent locations inside your house.

Sin Yew Lai stocks a comprehensive range of scratchers, with varying sizes to cater for both small kitties and very large cats. We are ready to fulfill your bulk orders for cat scratchers and other pet products. Contact us today for unrivalled products at competitive wholesale prices.

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