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Most cat owners can agree that cats are generally very clean pets. However, they may get dirty or even be exposed to toxic sprays. In such cases, they need to be washed, not just for their grooming, but also for their health. Cats loathe being dipped into soapy water and washed by their owners. However, sometimes there’s no way around it. As much as the idea of bathing cats is daunting, there are ways to make it more fun and comfortable, for both the cat and the owner.

Cat bathing with shampoo is just one part of recommended cat grooming routines. Therefore, it is important to look at other general cat grooming tips such as cutting claws.

Sin Yew Lai recommends giving your cat food treats during bath time. This comes in handy as a useful distraction. It is important to use specialist cat shampoo with zero harmful chemicals or perfumes.

Human shampoo is a strong NO, as it is unsuitable for cat skin and hair. You should use a plastic bucket, with just enough warm water to bath the cat. During washing, you should apply a small amount of the cat shampoo, and subsequently lather up, right down to the tail. It is essential that you also cover the underside and neck. You should ensure that the cat doesn’t get any shampoo in the eyes. After soaping and rinsing, cats tend to strongly shake off the water. You should then rub the whole body with a towel and remove from tub.

Finally, dry your cat in a warm room and confine it inside the house until completely dry. Cats may find bathing uncomfortable and frightening, especially if they are not used to the experience. As a result, they may hiss or bite. It is critical to seek medical advice in case of any bites. For cat owners, it is recommended that they seek professional advice before trying something new on the pets. This is especially important for young kittens.  Also, too much bathing will cause more harm to the cat than good.

Sin Yew Lai offers the best cat shampoos in the market to prevent any skin problems.  We make sure that the shampoos are non-irritating, smell nice, besides effectively doing its job of getting your cat clean. We take pride in supplying topnotch products that keep cats looking and smelling great.

Sin Yew Lai supplies a myriad of cat shampoos that are brilliantly effective and safe for the pets’ skin and hair. We ensure that the products are all natural and give incredible results on all breeds. A diverse range of clients such as vets, groomers, online stores and even individual pet owners have consistently trusted us to deliver bulk orders for cat shampoos. It is critical that the all the ingredients for the shampoo are clearly indicated on the bottles. Consequently, customers can see exactly what it in the shampoos.

Sin Yew Lai offers decades of industry knowledge and experience with skills to advise on the best pet’s accessories, cages, food and more. The company has a comprehensive range of products and services to help clients give pets the best possible care. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries regarding our cat shampoos among other products and accessories.

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