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The significance of cat litter hygiene cannot be overstated. It’s worth noting that cats are very clean animals. Their sense of smell is fourteen times as good as that of humans. Therefore, it is essential that their litter box is well maintained and regularly cleaned. Dirty litter boxes are the main causes of defecation issues in cats. One of the most essential ways to take care of your cat is providing a clean place to defecate in.

Having a clean cat toilet provides your cats with a reliably clean place to use for their toilet needs. It comes in handy in preventing soiling problems.  Also, vets recommend clean cat toilets to ensure that your cat does not refrain from urination, which may be harmful to their health. Poor cat toilet hygiene can lead to urinary tract infections in cats.

Vets recommend that the cat toilet is disinfected regularly using hot water and a detergent. This removes odors, besides ensuring the health of you and your cat. Keeping a clean cat toilet helps minimize the risk of illness that can spread from the cat to humans. You should wash your hands with soaps after cleaning the toilet.

Sin Yew Lai has a wealth of experience in the pet industry. The company is major wholesale pet products supplier for a diverse range of clients. Our cat toilets are well designed to allow for easy cleaning and long-lived use. We acknowledge the need to uphold utmost hygienic standards in homes. Cats are very bothered by unsanitary conditions and tend to stop using their litter boxes as soon as it gets dirty. They are very fussy about their bathroom habits.

The location of the cat toilet in a house is very important. A cat litter box should be placed in a quiet area that is easily accessible and away from noisy appliances. Avoid placing the cat toilets in high traffic areas. Also, it’s important to note that cats do not like to have their foods near their toilets. The toilets should thus be away from the cat’s food and water bowls. Placing the cat toilets near windows may lead to the cat being uncomfortable as he/she may feel threatened by anything from the outside. Also, some cats refuse to use a toilet if it is close to where they sleep.

The cat toilet should have the right depth for the ultimate comfort of the cats. Scented litters or deodorizers with strong odor can be unpleasant for cats, subsequently leading to them refusing to use the litter boxes. Sin Yew Lai supplies a broad range of cat toilets to bulk buyers across Malaysia and surrounding countries. Contact us today for unmatched pet supplies at competitive wholesale prices.

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