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Many dog owners will agree that they wish to make their pet’s life as pleasant, healthy and safe as possible. Just like you, we are passionate about giving pets the unrivaled care and products. There is a lot involved when it comes to caring for your pet.For more than a decade, Sin Yew Lai continues to offer the best and complete range of pet products and supplies in Malaysia and neighboring countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, among others.

At our core, we are committed to supplying unmatched products at competitive wholesale prices. We take pride in supplying superior products to businesses, at lowest prices possible. Our assortment offers a comprehensive variety of products, not just for dogs, but also cats and chickens. From toys to care products, at Sin Yew Lai, you will always find the perfect pet products.

Sin Yew Lai has a wealth of experience in the industry, supplying dog accessories that help immensely in the daily care of your pet. There is a growing demand for topnotch pet accessories, specifically designed for the modern dog and dog owner. We place utmost emphasis on durability. Consequently, we work with reputable manufacturers to ensure the right products for our clients.

Sin Yew Lai acknowledges that safety is a profound concern for pet owners. It is critical that the pet accessories are safe for both the pets and the owners. Through bulk orders, our diverse clients benefit from economies of scale. We offer competitive wholesale prices.

Dog accessories vary with different dogs and change as each dog grows to adulthood. Sin Yew Lai offers an enviable assortment that is certain to provide you with all the dog accessories that you need to keep dogs healthy and happy at every stage. It is our goal that through our products, dogs receive the best of the best in accessories for happy and healthy lives.

Dog treats are highly recommended to keep your dogs feeling rewarded and excited. Treats also come in handy in learning new tricks and manners. Dog toys, on the other hand, provided the much-needed exercise for dogs. It’s worth noting that dog walks with the right dog accessories provides great bonding. Having fun makes life fulfilling and worth living! We are constantly expanding our assortment to provide more choices that are designed to increase the fun for dogs and their owners.

Our wholesale range offers excellent quality at competitive prices for retailers and distributors. With us, you can rest assured that all our products are tested and quality controlled. Our staff will work tirelessly to fulfill your bulk orders. Contact us today for a customized package that is suited to your needs and budget.

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