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The role of quality parrot cage in the health and wellbeing of parrots cannot be overstated. Bird owners want the best quality supplies for their pets at lowest prices possible. Our diverse clients such as pet shop owners, vets, online pet shop operators, among others buy parrot cages and other pet supplies in bulk, hence benefiting from economies of scale. As a result, they are able to provide their customers with quality pet supplies at lower prices. Having a variety is critical to customer satisfaction. Therefore, we have made it our business to consistently offer a huge selection of cages. With us, there is a lot to choose from.

Suitable parrot cage should be comfortable and satisfying, thus helping avoid negative bird behaviors. Foraging and play are key instinctive behaviors that are integral to a parrot’s happy life. It’s worth noting that wild birds spend a significant amount of time seeking food and water. Having the right parrot cage plus using pet toys goes a long way in encouraging foraging behavior.

Bird owners will agree that while smaller bird cages are suitable for smaller birds, such cages are not suitable for mid to large size birds. Vets recommend that in addition to the initial cost of the bird, bird owners must make enough investment in the cage, equipment, lighting and other much-needed items for a happy and healthy bird.

When choosing a suitable cage, especially for large birds such as parrots, bird owners care a lot about getting a quality cage that will offer value for their money. Our cages are built to withstand strong breaks and activity. It is critical that parrot cages are well designed with strong materials. Also, suitable parrot cages enable easy cleaning and maintaining. This ensures utmost hygienic standards.

Large birds such as parrots have strong beaks and may tend to enjoy biting or hanging on the cage bars and frame. Therefore, the paint finish should be toxic-free to eliminate any possible poisoning. Parrots spend a lot of time in their cages. Therefore, parrot owners want well-sized cages that have enough room to extend and flap their wings. Birds are active pets and require exercise to keep their muscles in good condition. Also, the cages should offer the much-needed space for toys and other accessories. It’s worth noting that when parrots are squeezed into small cages, they may develop behavioral or physical problems.

We are a supplier of choice for sturdy, safe, roomy and durable parrot cages that have all the features that owners will require for their birds. Sin Yew La has a myriad of parrot cages that are available for wholesale at the best prices possible. Contact us today for a customized package.

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