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Sin Yew Lai is the carrier source for pets on the go! Our clients have consistently trusted us for an exceptional assortment of comfortable, durable pet carriers. We have a huge variety of various breeds and sizes. It is our goal that your pets are always happy and healthy. Carriers are a good companion for a pet’s outdoor activities.

A pet carrier comes in handy, especially when traveling with your special friend, or just taking him outside. Suitable carriers offer compactness and convenience and should be specially designed for the utmost comfort of the pets.  The importance of carrying cats in cat carriers cannot be overstated.

The primary considerations when choosing the right pet carrier are -comfort, safety, and ease of use. At Sin Yew Lai, we have done our homework to ensure that our pet carriers offer the best in the categories. All the doors and openings are securely locked to ensure your pet is safely contained. It is worth noting that some cats are anxious while contained in carriers, thus the importance of having plenty of ventilation.

When looking for a suitable carrier for your pet, it’s essential that you don’t select the carrier size based on weight only. The carrier size should be based on your pet’s body measurements. Subsequently, you should make sure the pet’s weight does not exceed the maximum weight limit. A properly sized and ventilated cat carrier is essential for your cat’s safety, besides giving the pet a sense of well-being and peace of mind. It goes without saying that good airflow is essential for comfort.

Are you a cat owner?  Holding a cat in your arms can be quite an arm full.

In case of a cat get scared while in a vehicle, it goes all over the car, thus compromising the security. With a cat carrier, the pet is contained, thus preventing serious problems. The primary function of a cat carrier is to provide protection. Therefore, carriers should be designed such that no part of the cat sticks out through the carrier. Sin Yew Lai offers tested cat carriers that are leak proof and safe for your cat. It is critical that the cat is not able to open the openings.

Additionally, the pet carrier should be well-sized such that the pet can stand erect and easily turn around. Our carriers are easier to clean to ensure that you maintain your hygiene standards. In case you wish to travel by air with your pet, it is recommended that you check with your airline to see the type of carriers allowed. It’s worth noting that most carriers are made of using hard plastic or soft-sided varieties.

Sin Yew Lai sells well-ventilated carriers that provide a safe, secure and comfortable place when you travel. The carriers have innovative features for enhanced usability. Make your pick of the best cat carriers and other pet supplies at the best wholesale prices. We offer great savings for bulk orders on unmatched pet supplies.

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