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Pet grooming is a multi-billion industry with huge potential around the globe. Vets recommend relying on professional groomers for their pet care. In addition to topnotch grooming skills, groomers know animal anatomy. Calming techniques are critical in avoiding potentially dangerous bites and scratches.

Pet grooming can be very risky. Some dogs become aggressive and may even bite. On the other hand, cats sometimes become nervous, which more often than not leads to scratches. As a result, groomers must be well aware of potential threats. Vets warn that even the most friendly and most compliant cats have the potential to bite or scratch.

Through the use of proper grooming products such as shampoos and brush, a pet owner is able to rejuvenate the pet’s coat between visits. A brush out removes tangles, besides preventing matting. Nail clipping and ear cleaning are also effective in keeping pets well groomed and healthy. Nail trimming is very important in keeping pet’s paws healthy. A variety of nail trimming equipment are available for both cats and dogs. Pets can cause injuries if their nails are not well trimmed.

Brushing is beneficial for all kinds of dog breeds. It helps to remove dirt, dandruff and dead hair. Regular brushing using the right grooming equipment also helps check for underlying diseases or conditions early. Pets, and animals, in general, tend to feed off the energy of others, easily going into flight or fight mode. Therefore, the grooming location should be quiet and peaceful.

During grooming, getting a pet to trust you enough to bath in water is a big step in the right direction. Dogs are most eager to jump into the water for a swim during grooming. However, it’s a universal fact that cats are more timid, with most of them having a phobia for water. With the right knowledge and skills, pet groomers are able to make the cats more tolerant with water. Cats are actually afraid of drowning; as opposed to water per se.

Dogs loathe soap and water getting in their eyes and ears. Therefore, a good groomer should wash the pet’s face last and rinse it first. Through the technique, soup and water have minimal time to irritate the eyes. It is critical that pet groomers know all the ins and outs of using pet grooming equipment. Additionally, they should be able to emotionally connect with a new pet, subsequently establish control and convince the pet to trust them. It is worth noting that this takes enormous knowledge, skills, and experience.

Good grooming using the right equipment can help notice both gradual and rapid changes in a pet’s physical health. It is very essential to his/her general health and well-being. Grooming should be considered a bonding time rather than a chore. It’s a great opportunity for bonding with your pet. Too often, we take our pets for granted. Grooming thus gives us a chance to pay some proper attention to our dogs. You should look at each grooming session as a chance to give your dog some love and attention.

Vets recommend that you establish a grooming routine with your dog or cat from an early age. Some dogs have a very busy social life with regular hikes and swims at the beach. For such cases, it is essential to adjust his/her grooming schedule such that the pet has a brush or bath after every excursion.

With years of experience and enviable contacts in the industry, Sin Yew Lai takes pride in customer satisfaction. We are reputable suppliers when it comes to pet grooming equipment and other pet accessories. We only use proven and tested products that suit the needs of different breeds of pets.

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