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It’s a universal truth that pets are wonderful companions. They are a highlight in the lives of many people, old and young. Pets are a source of untold joy and happiness in homes. Many people, especially those who live alone, consider pets as family members.

As a pet lover, it’s essential to take care of your pet using the best pet supplies. Sin Yew Lai is ‘your go-to’ wholesale shop for your bulk pet supplies needs. We are dedicated to supplying pet retail traders with best quality pet merchandise at the best possible prices. This translates to excellent value for money and plenty of choice for the final consumers. We have an unrivaled assortment of pet products, from the best quality feeds to fun toys and accessories.

Many children have a special bond with pets, especially dogs, and cats. The role of pets among children cannot be overstated. They provide companionship, besides helping children to learn day-to-day things. Pets come in handy in teaching children confidence and responsibility. It’s worth noting that children as young as four years can manage simple pet-related tasks such as filling the pet’s food and water bowls. As the child gets older, he/she can walk the pets and even groom them. Pets also help children acquire vital social skills. For example, through socializing with their children, they are able to increase verbal skills.

More often than not, little kids who barely know how to talk are seen trying to chatter way with pets. As a result, pets are essential for social and emotional support, besides cognitive language skill. A pet’s presence in your home provides the verbal stimulus that is important in helping your child practice talking and socializing with another being. This is critical to their proper growth and development.

Pets also help both children and adults to exercise, which is highly beneficial to their health. Research has consistently linked pets to positive child development. When facilitating a bond between children and pets, it is critical that the bond arises naturally, rather than being forced. It can’t be forced. It has to arise naturally.

As dynamic and innovative pet shop wholesalers, we are continually adding new pet products for our diverse clients. Our range of assortments is continually expanding to give you the opportunity to get the most unique and best pet supplies available. We take pride in being a reputable wholesale pet supplier when it comes to pet product sourcing and offering unrivaled service to our valuable clients. We have streamlined online purchasing to make it more convenient and beneficial for our customers. Need reputable pet shop wholesalers for bulk deliveries across Malaysia and neighboring countries? Contact us for any enquiries regarding our products and services.

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