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Birds may seem very different from other typical pets such as dogs and cats. However, basic rules for their care are not any different. They need love and attention, besides essential birds supplies such good nutrition and accessories. Birds are affectionate and intelligent animals that make good pets when given proper affection and care.

Pet birds are an especially excellent choice for those living in apartments, as they require minimal space. They are not easily affected by parasites, hence are one of the cheapest animals to maintain. Parrots and other birds kept as pets require a variety of bird supplies that are necessary for providing a humane and happy life for your feathered friend.

A balanced diet is important to them as with other pets. Apart from pelleted bird food, you can give them fresh fruits and vegetables.  Pet birds should be on a strict diet of high-quality foods for their proper growth and well-being. Sin Yew Lai supplies a variety of bird foods for diverse clients across Malaysia. We also do bulk export to neighboring countries.

Pet birds are very social and affectionate and enjoy the attention and company of humans. However, it is critical to choose the right pet bird for your living situation. Before adopting a pet bird, you should know all the ins and outs regarding giving the adorable creatures the love and attention they deserve. Mental stimulation is important for their health and well-being. Bird owners should thus make sure that their cages have plenty of toys. Also, it is essential that birds have some ”cage free” time.

Just like other animals, birds can carry contagious diseases. It’s important to note that exposing your birds to other birds with unknown health status exposes them to lethal diseases. Therefore, you should properly quarantine and vet your bird before bringing a new bird into your home. In case you have other companion birds, it is highly recommended that a new bird completes a full quarantine period.

Your home should be properly bird-proofed before bringing home your new pet bird. This is because there are many dangers lurking in the home, thus the need to take the necessary steps to create a safe space. Pet birds require regular cage cleaning, besides weekly disinfecting of all accessories such as toys and water dishes. More often than not, birds become exposed to diseases as a result of being kept in unclean conditions. Therefore, it is very important that they are kept in sanitary spaces.

Sin Yew Lai offers high-quality bird cages that can be easily cleaned and sanitized. You should make sure that cleaning products do not harm the bird’s respiratory system. We offer a huge selection of bird cages that are designed to meet the specific needs of particular birds. New toys and accessories are a great way to reward them for their companionship. Contact us today for more information about our assortment of wholesale bird supplies.

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